West Bank

The West Bank is an urban assemblage of species well suited for dry, rocky slopes. Five species of California native salvias, or sages, dominate the slope along with bigberry manzanitas and lemon-scented tea trees. Our peaceful West Bank has plants that do best in well-drained soil such as salvia, lavender, rosemary, manzanitas, pistache and tababuia trees.

Plants you can find in this garden room:

Autumn sage

Bearded iris

Bigberry manzanita

Black sage

California sagebrush

Coast live oak

Coral plant

European olive

Fremont flannel bush

Goodwin creek lavender

Japanese honeysuckle

Jerusalem sage

Lemon scented tea tree

Mexican sage

Pink trumpet tree

Pozo Blue sage

Ray Hartman wild lilac



White sage


Yellow trumpet tree