Kangertech VS Aspire VS iSmoka Eleaf

In recent we found a great vapor wholesale distributor for our friend who is ready to start a vapor shop, needless to say everyone knows Kanger, aspire and Eleaf are the most name brands on the vape market today and HawkVape.com supply all these authentic name brands. Not a long time ago, Aspire announced their new Atlantis tank. And just recently, Kangertech has also announced the new Subtank which is the new sensation in vape market. Kangertech and Aspire are both competing to excel at their products for a long time now and vape users cannot seem to decide which one they like most. Since the latest tanks which the companies want their users to buy have both got sub-ohm coils, therefore the question arises that which of them should one buy. However, if consider facts, one realizes that both of these tanks fall in different categories.

kanger product

While on one hand the Aspire nautilus tanks offer simplicity by their pre-built coils for laid back and lazy users, the Kangertech, on the other hand, offers a whole new exciting variety with a plug-in which can be used to build your own coils. Most vapers are happy to see things change in the market in their favour. Some have admitted that they had loved the Kangertech Protank 2, but ever since the Aspire Nautilus got launched, they had switched from Kangertech to Nautilus. However, it seems that Kangertech has once again won over the ruling position in market with their Subtank, as many vapers have switched back to Kangertech from their Aspire Nautilus.

aspire nautilus

eleaf istick

The superiority debate between Kangertech and Aspire also leads to the battery issues. Most user reviews claim that they were not satisfied with the battery timing of their Aspire CF VV which was the reason they switched to the Eleaf iStick by iSmoka. iSmoka Eleaf has raised the bar to new heights by their box mod battery with a sleek metallic appearance. It is usually used with the Aspire Nautilus tank, but ever since Kangertech has launched its Subtank, the demand for even Eleaf has toned down. This is due to the reason that Kangertech already flaunts brilliant battery timing and a separate product seems extravagant. In a nutshell, among the two contemporaries, Kangertech seems to have taken the edge this time!