Arlington Garden Guide iPhone App

Arlington Garden Guide - BCM
The Arlington Garden Guide App is now available for FREE on the App Store.
Designed to replace small, fragile, incomplete, and often illegible signs that gardens now use, the Arlington Garden Guide is an advanced way to learn about the plants and other features of Arlington Garden on your iPhone, iPad 2, or the New iPad.
The Guide uses a scanner, audio tour, and camera to help you enjoy the trees, plants, and views of the garden. Simply download the Arlington Garden Guide from the Apple App Store to your iPhone or iPad and you are equipped to enjoy your visit to the Garden in a different way.
The Guide is easy to use. Arlington Garden contains 35 "rooms," or distinct areas containing different plants, trees, and garden furniture. In each room is a sign describing the room and containing a QR Code, a square "bar code."

  • Use the scanner to scan the QR Code on the sign about which you want to know more, and up will come a description of the room, pictures of plants in the room, and a list of the plants. Click on the names of the plants in the room to learn more about them.
  • Use the Audio Guide to listen to a description of each room.
  • Use the camera to take pictures of your favorite parts of the Garden.

"I don't have an iPhone or iPad," you say? No worries. Even if you don't have an iPhone or camera equiped iPad and cannot download the Garden Guide, you can use the scanner on your Blackberry, Android or other smart phone to scan the signs and get the information on the parts of the Garden that interest you.
You can use the Arlington Garden Guide at home to listen to the audio tour of the Garden, and by logging on to our website at, you can get all the information about the Garden that you can see if you visit in person.
Visit Arlington Garden. Use your smart phone. Enjoy, and stay green.