Become a Garden Angel

Arlington Garden should be a self-sustaining garden and a permanent part of Pasadena's landscape. The only way this will happen is through strong community support.


The Need for Garden Angels 

  • The cost of maintenance is increasing due to our maturing plants and trees
  • The Constant Gardeners' hours and volunteers' efforts need to be backed with dollars to insure proper maintenance, pruning and planting
  • Regular professional gardening services
  • Build additional master plan elements 
  • Plants to enhance our botanical collection
  • Reserve fund to replace Garden elements, umbrellas and furniture
  • Endowment for the Garden


How You Can Be an Arlington Garden Angel

A gift of $1000 a year makes you an Arglington Garden Angel. Please choose the easiest donation method for you: $1000 yearly, $500 every six months, $250 quarterly, or $83.33 a month. 

Benefits of Being an Arlington Garden Angel 

  • The Garden will be here for you to enjoy well into the future
  • Free garden topic lecture quarterly in the Garden
  • Free case of Arlington Garden Sweet Orange Marmalade (12 ten oz. jars)
  • Free Garden Angel T-shirt (size S, M, L or XL)
  • No need to attend a costly benefit
  • Annual event in the Garden's Olive Allee

Please Join Us as Garden Angels