No Commercial Photography Allowed


Since its creation in 2005, Arlington Garden has been open at no charge for people to learn of waterwise planting and to experience quiet enjoyment.

We have found, after several years of photographers' using the Garden for their business purposes, that commercial photography is incompatible with the goals and purposes of the Garden.

Therefore, as of January 1, 2013, commercial photography, i.e. using the Garden to take pictures of clients for commercial gain, is not permitted. The Garden remains free, and families and individuals are welcome to take pictures for their personal use, as are photographers to take pictures of the Garden's plants and features.

Thank you for your consideration--for the Garden, its plants, trees and furniture; for others who are visiting for quiet pleasure; and for us who work to make Arlington Garden a pleasant, beautiful place for all to visit. Remember, gardens are fragile, so please stay on the paths.


Betty and Charles McKenney

The Constant Gardeners